Supply Chain Security Python

TL;DR A new kind of cyber threat has come to light recently: software supply chain attacks. While rare, they have massive impacts, and protecting against them is a rising concern. Because of its variety of use cases, there is no single rule to apply to your python projects to be safe and as always it depends on your context. Introduction In traditional industries, a supply chain is anything that allows a company to deliver a product to the customer. [Read More]

5 Advanced Pytest Tricks

We write tests because they help us build confidence in our code. They also help us write clean and maintainable code. Yet, writing tests requires some effort. Fortunately, there are libraries we can leverage. Pytest, for example, comes with a lot of handy features that are often not used. In this article, I will introduce you to 5 of them. Test logging with caplog fixture Sometimes, logging is part of your function and you want to make sure the correct message is logged with the expected logging level. [Read More]