Past and future talks

Future talks

Nothing in the pipe for now. You are a meetup organizer and are looking for a speaker? Please feel free to reach out!

Past talks


How to secure your Kubernetes cluster, Paris, February 5

On the occasion of the first SRE Paris meetup in 2020, I gave a lightning talk on Kubernetes security.

Abstract: Kubernetes is now the de facto technology when it comes to deploy your applications at scale. Although it is really convenient, before putting your applications in production, you should think about security and you will see that it is not as easy as it seems !



How to help metro operators optimize the passenger experience using ML? Hong Kong, June 12

During my internship at Thales, I presented my work at a local meetup whose focus is machine learning.

Abstract: Operator revenues highly depend on the number of passengers. Indeed, the bigger the number of passengers, the greater the ticketing sales, the more expensive the advertising space and the rent. Therefore, it is crucial to provide a good passenger experience in order to have a maximum of passengers each day. To do so, one area of research is operation optimization. How to reduce waiting time as much as possible? How to avoid overcrowded gates during peak hours? Lots of questions where data science can bring value and we will see in this talk how.


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