How to write a TCP scanner in Go

In the toolbox of any pen tester, there is an app that allows them to detect open ports on a given server. Thanks to such an app, they can list all network entry points available on the system. These entry points can be open doors for attackers and this is why they need to identify them early in the process. The most famous TCP port scanner is a tool called nmap. [Read More]

Learning Go, first impressions

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been interested in Go. I have been developing mostly in Java and Python for 3 years now and I was keen to learn a new language. As I was looking for a new language to learn, Go caught my attention. Indeed, this language created by Googlers in 2007 has a lot of traction, especially with the rise of cloud-native apps and projects like Kubernetes or CockroachDB that are essentially developed in Go. [Read More]